Recommended Sites


Herbicide Resistance Action Committee

The global Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (HRAC) is an international body founded by the agrochemical industry, helps to protect crop yields and quality worldwide by supporting efforts in the fight against herbicide-resistant weeds.

International Survey of Herbicide Resistant Weeds

The International Survey of Herbicide Resistant Weeds is a collaborative effort between weed scientists in over 80 countries.  Their main objective is to maintain scientific accuracy in the reporting of herbicide resistant weeds globally.  This collaborative effort is supported by government, academic, and industry weed scientists worldwide.  This project is funded by the Global Herbicide Resistance Action Committee and CropLife International.


Weed Science Society of America

The Weed Science Society of America is an organization that fosters an awareness of weeds and their impact on our environment. They provide science-based information to the public and government policymakers while promoting research, education and outreach activities. The WSSA Resistance Lesson Modules  are an exception resource for turfgrass managers seeking to understand the complexity of herbicide resistance and principles for management.

North Central Weed Science Society

The North Central Weed Science Society is made up of professionals interested in weed science from many perspectives. Many members are affiliated with universities or the crop protection industry; others are crop consultants, state or federal agency or private research personnel, extension educators and others.

Northeastern Weed Science Society

The Northeastern Weed Science Society serves the Northeastern United States by bringing together those who are concerned with the knowledge of weeds and their control; cooperates with other scientific societies to promote research, education and outreach activities; and publishes scientific and practical information of value concerning weed science and related fields.

Southern Weed Science Society

The Southern Weed Science Society was established to bring together people from any state, area, institution or agency, who are directly interested in weed control within the Society area through research, education, regulation, manufacturing or merchandising.

Western Society of Weed Science

The Western Society of Weed Science supports and fosters education, research and agencies/organizations in matters of weed science.