Webinar 1. Hosted March 31st, 2020

ResistPoa from MSUES CTO – Distance Education on Vimeo.

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Question and Answer Log from Webinar 1.

A group of university researchers and Extension specialists share results of on-going work focused on annual bluegrass (Poa annua) control in managed turfgrass systems such as golf courses, sports fields, sod farms, and lawns. The webinar is designed as a platform for turfgrass managers to gain the most cutting edge information about annual bluegrass control.

Welcome and Overview, Drs. Jay McCurdy and Jim Brosnan
Tennessee Update, Dr. Jim Brosnan, Univ. of TN
Mississippi Update, Dr. Jay McCurdy, Miss. State Univ.
Alabama Update, Dr. Scott McElroy, Auburn Univ.
Texas Update, Dr. Becky Grubbs, Texas A&M Univ.
North Carolina Update, Dr. Travis Gannon, NC State Univ.
Pennsylvania Update, Dr. John Kaminski, Penn State Univ.
Socio-economics of Poa Control, Drs. David Ervin & Jennifer Allen, Portland State Univ.
Questions and Wrap-up